About Institutional Research

G.Research is an institutional research and brokerage firm. We publish on approximately 250 companies globally with an emphasis on small & mid-cap ideas. Our core competencies include Aerospace & Defense, Automotive Aftermarket, Food & Beverage, Gaming & Lodging, Industrials, Media, Specialty Chemicals, Telecom, and Utilities. We publish daily research notes and full reports utilizing our proprietary Private Market Value (PMV) with a Catalystâ„¢ methodology. We host 7 annual research conferences and numerous non-deal roadshows throughout the country.

We have 11 institutional equity sales professionals and 5 equity sales traders. Our trading desk operates on an agency-only basis with best execution our top priority. We offer 5 of the top algorithmic platforms, all of which include direct market access via smart routing, and utilize 4 separate floor brokers on the NYSE. We offer crossing capabilities for illiquid names, FIX connections via numerous vendors, and trading communication platforms such as Bloomberg.

G.research, LLC, an institutional research and brokerage firm, is a subsidiary of Associated Capital Group, Inc. (NYSE:AC). G.research is the marketing name for the registered broker dealer G.research, LLC.

G.research, LLC, One Corporate Center Rye, NY 10580. Member of FINRA and SIPC